Site Selection:

We will provide assistance in locating the best possible location for your clinic location.


Clinic / Location Design:

We will assist with the floor plans and decor design for your specific location.


Equipment Ordering:

We will offer guidance on ordering your equipment for timely opening.



You will receive an extensive training and certification program that will prepare you for your clinic opening.


Training & Operations Manual:

Our Training and Operations Manual will cover all aspects that are important to running your clinic.


Field Support:

You will receive designated franchise support to provide ongoing operational evaluations.


Franchise Support:

Our franchise support team is just a phone call or e-mail away.


R&D and Ongoing Support:

We continually strive to better our training and procedures and will always stay on top of the newest and latest procedures on the market.


Advantages of the NFX Opportunity


Working in the health and cosmetics industry, it is absolutely crucial to know and understand legal aspects of laws and permitting as well as medical conditions and implications. That's why we make sure all of our practitioners are properly trained and performed proper procedures when it comes to client care. 


The primary difference between someone venturing out and trying to learn how to perform these procedures versus someone who is committed to a career is the investment - an investment of time and money. Many new practitioners in this field fail because they see it as a get-rich-quick situation and never dedicate themselves to an enriching career. As business owners and committed professionals, we have seen it first-hand and know what it takes to not only get started, but to have a long-lasting career in the paramedical field.


These are the reasons that set us apart from most other business opportunities and franchises:



With soaring real estate prices, the cost of leasing space becomes extremely prohibitive, especially in highly populated metropolitan areas. Our business requires only a 150sf office for one sole practitioner.




You obviously have seen many franchise and business opportunities that require several hundred-thousand dollars just to start. You have to sign long leases, purchase expensive equipment and enter into an agreement to purchase a certain amount of products from certain vendors. Our leases are typically month to month, our equipment is nowhere near anything you have seen and our product purchases and cost are well below other franchise businesses.



If you were to try and start something similar, how long would it take to really become profitable? You have to create a website, have to create marketing campaigns, generate a good portfolio, find and learn a good client database, a merchant provider to process your payments and keep your accounting in order. Of course, all of that is done AFTER you have mastered your training and procedures. We offer training and guidance with everything from beginning to end. And did you know that it will cost more than double our costs if you were to try and find similar training from different providers?



You don’t need a big kitchen, commercial cooking equipment or anything that requires two people to lift. Other than a handwash sink, all of our equipment and supplies are handheld and can be packed up and moved with a small bag.



Other than your rent, some general supplies, and insurance, there are little expenses. We are a service based company. You don’t have to buy anything to sell it. Service-based businesses have dramatically lower operating costs.







Who do you call when you consult with a client and you’re not sure if a procedure can be performed? Or if you do perform the procedure and something goes wrong? Having a mentor and a number of professionals with real world experience on call who will stay on your side is always better than trying to go off on your own. When the snow falls, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.



Get in touch with us and we will have a dedicated contact person contact you and provide you with the Franchise Application. Once completed and we know that you are a good match, we will provide all the information you need, answer any questions you have about Natural Effects and the franchise system.



Talk to our franchise owners, our team, and our Founder and learn more about what it’s like to be a franchisee, why they chose to become a Paramedical Professional and what it’s like to help change the lives of so many people.



Once approved, we will help you every step of the way through. Everything from looking at locations to equipment purchasing, training and store opening, we will be there to ensure your success in getting your clinic opened and ready for clients.



Becoming a certified Paramedical Professional is one of the most life-changing events anyone can have. Your skills as a Paramedical Professional will help so many clients by offering alternative options to many of today’s unanswered medical and cosmetic procedures.

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