Unlike many other franchises where simple products or services are bought and sold, the paramedical cosmetology practitioner is all about skills. Whether you're a new or experienced business owner, proper training is one of the most important components of making your business successful. NFX works to provide high-quality franchise training and support to introduce new owners to our business as well as ongoing training to ensure continued adherence to best practices in the paramedical profession.


Our training program is the best and most extensive in this industry. From the day when you decide to start your new career until the day you book your first client procedure, you will receive full hands-on and apprenticeship programs that will ensure you will learn everything you need.


180 Hours of Classroom / Online Training

112 Hours of In-Person / Hands-On Training

60+ Hours of Experience / Procedure Performance

60+ Hours of Mentor and Launch Support



The day you stop innovating is the day your business will decline. That's our philosophy and it is what keeps us strong. We share our knowledge and experiences, whether good or bad, and we continue to foster and mentor relationships. Apart from our extensive training, ongoing support and dedication to our practitioners and franchisees, we have dedicated practitioners on call for every location. Having a system of support and knowledge sharing is key to every business success. Everything from our wide array of training videos, ongoing continuing education portal, field and location training and mentoring, and even our monthly support meetings are all dedicated to helping our franchisees  to not only succeed, but to grow their business and clientele.


Franchisee Portal:

Unlimited access to support for your business 24/7 through our online portal.


Marketing / Advertising Materials:

Use our tried-and-true images and materials or customize your own with our templates.


Training Portal:

Review training procedures and processes any time through our portal.


Forms and Documentation:

Instant access any and all forms you need for your business location with just one click.


Dedicated Support:

Have instant support with just a call or click away with our designated support specialist.

Continuing Education:

Any new training updates or continuing education is automatically updated to our portal and servers for instant access by all practitioners.