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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Evan spent much of his childhood around technology. After studying law at the University of Santa Clara, Evan worked at one of the most prestigious law firms in California servicing Fortune 500 companies. Much of that experience in dealing with start-ups led him to work with Stanford Medical in Palo Alto and the rest, as they say, is history.


Evan eventually learned about the cosmetic procedures that offered alternatives to many unanswered medical conditions such as hair loss, skin pigment disorders, old age, vitiligo and lupus, and post breast cancer surgical options. He spent several years learning and perfecting micropigmentation and different cosmetic procedures to help those in need of such alternatives.


With the extraordinary success of his Natural Effects clinics, Evan has evolved into a leading philanthropist for medical and health-related issues. In addition to donating to charitable causes and serving in volunteer leadership roles, Evan spends much of his free time doing pro-bono work for those in need of his specialty skills in paramedical cosmetology.

Evan Lee

Founder, Paramedical Cosmetologist

Evan Lee Natural Effects Founder Lead Practitioner

natural effects clinics

Everyone wants to look and feel better about themselves. The cosmetics industry in the United States alone reached $86 billion in 2017. Skincare alone makes up for 37% of that market cap. The average household spends roughly $200 a month in beauty and cosmetic items. And the market is not slowing down any time soon. The beauty and cosmetics industry has seen a 10% growth year over year and the medical tattoo industry itself has grown 20%, making it the strongest sector.*


Demand for medical tattooing and other non-invasive procedures requires dedicated professionals. At Natural Effects Paramedical Cosmetology Clinics, we pride ourselves in offering the latest and most advanced paramedical micropigmentation and cosmetic procedures the industry has to offer. The advancement of medical tattooing has the potential to change lives for those who are in need of hair loss simulation, pattern baldness, scar camouflage, reconstructive surgery, and many other medical conditions that modern healthcare cannot provide.

Paramedical micropigmentation (also known as PMP) is the introduction of micropigments into the upper layers of the dermis by mechanical means for the purpose of simulating pigmentation and color in the skin. In more simple terms, it is the art of medical tattooing. Unlike traditional tattoos where art is the focal point and purpose, PMP is designed to conceal and camouflage. It can cover unwanted burn scars, birthmarks, dark and off-color skin patches such as Vitiligo or age spots. It can simulate a clean-shaven head of hair or fill in spots that need more density. It can also help simulate areolas and cover surgical scars from breast cancer victims.


Apart from medical tattooing, Natural Effects also offers dry needling for scar reduction and stretch marks revitalization and plasma skin tightening and plasma lifts for age lines and reducing excess skin. Our wide variety of procedures has helped thousands of clients with various skin and pigment disorders that modern medical procedures cannot answer.

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Medical Tattoo



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