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Medical Tattooing Scar Camouflage Clinic Franchise



medical franchising outperforms

The paramedical industry is the fastest growing sector in the medical and cosmetics industry. Medical tattooing and other non-invasive procedures have grown significantly more popular due to social media these days. We are on the cutting edge when it comes to cosmetic paramedical procedures for scar camouflage, hair loss solutions, wrinkle removal, and other cosmetic procedures.


Medical and healthcare related franchises typically outperform most other sectors and it's easy to understand why. With significantly lower investment startup capital, lower overhead expenses, and higher income from procedures, it's easy to make a decision when it comes to starting a new business opportunity in the paramedical industry.

treatments we offer
Skin Micropigmentation


Our treatments are greatly beneficial to those who suffer from skin blemishes, age spots, varying tone changes, or skin pigment defects such as vitiligo and melasma.

Medical Tattoo for scars


Burn scars, surgical scars, scars from accidents and cuts are minimized and often unnoticeable with our scar camouflage treatments. Instant results with almost no down-time.

Alopecia & Trichotillomania treatment

alopecia & trichotillomania

Cover scars from alopecia and hair transplant operations. The procedure is unnoticeable and provides instant results simulating hair follicles that blend in with your natural hair.

Microblading eyebrows

microblading & brows

Microblading, ombre, powder, and shaded eyebrows can help with thin or faded eyebrows. Achieve fuller, perfect looking brows customized to your face shape and makeup style.

Scalp Micropigmentation


Recreate the look of a closely shaven head with scalp micropigmentation. Non-invasive and instant results for a fraction of traditional surgical procedures like hair transplants.

Hair density treatment


If your hair is even slightly thinning or need more density in only a few areas, our hair simulation treatments will add more density and camouflage thinner hair with fast and simple results.

Areola Recostruction Medical Tattoo

areola reconstruction

Women who have undergone breast cancer surgery can minimize surgical scars and nipple reconstruction. We work with your insurance company to cover all costs.

Permanent makeup for eyeliner and lip color and lip liner

permanent makeup

Tired of putting on that perfect eyeliner and lipstick just to have it come off in a few hours? See how permanent makeup can save you time and give you that perfect look every time.

Plasma skin tightening, Fibroblast

plasma skin tightening

Non-surgical and non-invasive, plasma skin tightening will erase years off your age by removing unwanted wrinkles and excess skin with plasma heat in as little as three sessions.

Plama lifts for eyebrows, forehead, neck

plasma lifts

Unlike traditional surgical face lifts, plasma lifts are non-surgical and it uses plasma energy to induce natural collagen to remove excess skin and wrinkles off your face.


hyaluron lip filler

Unlike traditional fillers, the Hyaluron Pen delivers all-natural hyaluronic acid via pressure to shape and contour lips and add volume to create more thick and fuller lips.


dermal filler

Lessen the effects of aging and add volume to areas that need extra volume. Add all-natural hyaluronic acid to smile lines, forehead lines, cheeks, and mouth indentations.

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